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Hindley Junior & Infants Headteacher Mrs C. Nash
Mrs Nash

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Hindley Junior and Infant School - a school where we are proud of our high expectations for attainment, achievement, attitude and behaviour.

All staff work hard at our school to help each child reach their full potential in a positive, engaging and caring environment. We are committed to providing a broad, balanced and relevant education enriched with visits and visitors.

Education is a partnership between home and school - children learn best when home and school work together. When your child starts school, our job begins and yours continues.

Our school is a non-denominational community primary school for children aged 4-11 years. We are a fully inclusive school, newly rebuilt, with additional facilities to accommodate children with a range of complex medical needs. We provide a rich, broad and well-balanced curriculum, where pupils are offered a wide range of experiences and activities within a caring environment. Children are treated as individuals, and we seek to promote their overall development.

We hope you find the information on our website useful and look forward to welcoming you to Hindley Junior and Infant School.


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Hindley J&I School, Argyle Street, Hindley, Wigan WN2 3PN
tel:: 01942 255339
fax:: 01942 525157
@:: enquiries@admin.hindley.wigan.sch.uk

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