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School Admissions


Below are details about registering your interest for a place for your child in Reception Class (EY) at Hindley Junior and Infant School.

  • In the Wigan authority, children must start school in the September after they have turned Four.
  • So we are aware that you would like a place at our school for your child, you MUST complete a ?Register of Interest Form? and hand it in to the school office otherwise we do not know your child exists.? This form is for our office use only and does not mean you automatically have a place for your child at our school.
  • You can register your child, at any age, by calling into the school office for a ?Register of Interest Form?.?
  • Complete all sections of the form in full and return to the school office bringing with you your child?s birth certificate and a recent utility bill which we will photocopy for our records.
  • We will keep this form for our records and contact you when the application packs are ready to be distributed.
  • The application packs are usually sent to school, for distribution to parents, in December of the year before your child is due to start school the following September.?
  • In this pack will be a letter from Wigan informing you of the important dates you need, a booklet from Wigan detailing all the Primary School?s Criteria for places, a Wigan application form, our own school prospectus and instructions on how to apply for a place.?
  • We will use the information you gave us on your Register of Interest Form to contact you, inviting you to collect the pack from the school office.? If you already have a child in our school, a pack will be sent home with them.
  • You MUST either complete the application form within this pack and return it to your first choice school or apply online, whichever is more convenient for you.? Please read the instructions within the pack very carefully as the details often change from year to year.
  • Please ensure you have completed the Wigan application form or applied for a place online, on or before the closing date specified within the pack, or you will be classed as a late applicant and may not receive a place at your choice of school.
  • All of the applications we receive are sent into the Admissions Department at Wigan.? They then allocate places following the criteria detailed in the Primary School booklet you received in your pack. There are over 700 Primary Schools in Wigan so this process takes several months.
  • Parents will receive letters from the Admissions Department sometime in the Spring Term (Usually late March or early April) informing them of the school their child has been allocated.? Details of how to appeal if you are not successful are also included in this letter.

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