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”It’s important that we treat everyone, the way that we want them to treat us.”
(Zac, Year 5)
'The world would be boring if everyone was the same, wouldn't it?'
(Florence, Year 5)

Hindley Junior and Infant School is proud to be an inclusive school that celebrates diversity and champions equality. We welcome all children, staff, families and visitors and pride ourselves on treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves. In return, we expect that all people in our school community to behave in a manner which respects the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.


At Hindley Junior and Infant School, we promote an ethos that recognises and respects diversity in all its forms.  We understand that the distinctive combination of experience, heritage, culture, language, race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, gender, age, and physical and mental ability forms our individual identities and it is these differences make us unique. The combination of who we are makes us what we are; a school where behind every child that succeeds, is an adult that believed in them first.

Whist we wholeheartedly respect and embrace our diversity, we recognise that the current demographic of our school and local community are not necessarily a true representation of wider communities. Therefore, we are pro-active in educating ourselves, our children and our families around equality and diversity issues that we may personally be unaffected by.

Hindley Junior and Infant School is committed to ensuring equality of provision throughout the school community.

To achieve this, our equality objectives 2020 - 2023 are as follows:

  1. To promote an understanding of diversity and to teach our children that there are many equally valid ways to thrive in the world.


  1. To narrow the pupil premium gap in Reading, Writing and Maths in all year groups.
  1. To continue to improve provision for pupils for whom have special educational needs and disabilities.


  1. To provide training for all staff and governors on equality and diversity.

You can download our ‘Equality action plan’ and ‘Overview of school context’ below. Our equality Policy can be found under the ‘Policies’ section of the website. 

We do this with the expectation that all children are equipped with the skills to become productive, happy and healthy members of society. We understand that children need to be prepared to meet the challenges and reap the benefits of the increasingly diverse world they will inherit and that this journey starts at Hindley Junior and Infant School.


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