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What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or are having?


Recent and future planned training and disability awareness.

A full register of staff development, experience and training is maintained within school.

All school staff take part in regular CPD opportunities to develop their understanding and skills in supporting children with a range of needs including SEND. As training needs are identified, the SENDCo will coordinate appropriate training either to the whole staff or identified individuals as deemed appropriate.

All staff within school have been trained in Team-Teach which is a system of training to support the development of positive responses to children’s behavioural and emotional needs, including the use of restraint should it be necessary. Further information about Team-Teach can be found at https://www.teamteach.co.uk/ .

Training has been provided to make staff aware of specific medical needs within school as required by
specific pupils or groups of pupils. This includes Diabetes training.



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